Utilitarianism And Deontology Essay

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Just to refresh, deontological approach focuses upon adherence to self-moral rules or duties, and in order to make such decisions we have to understand what our moral duties are. Teleological focuses on the consequences an action might have. Then there is utilitarian approach in which it views the moral worth of a deed in terms of its consequences. Utilitarianism claims that its actions maximizes pleasure and minimizes negative experiences. (Notes) Now these approaches can be use to analyze the ethics associate, for example, with abortion. Abortion is a very controversial and difficult moral issue. Some may argue that morality should not be legislated by law but it is still said that the basis of a good law are moral values. (Ethics of Abortion) There are moral divisions regarding abortion, the pro-life and pro-choice advocates. …show more content…

Once a woman is pregnant, the parent/parents become responsible of that child/children, and have the duty to take care and protect as seen as the right thing to do by the deontological perspective regardless of the outcome. As stated on the notes, when followed the duty, we are behaving morally and when we fail we are behaving immorally. Additionally, killing people is seen as a wrongdoing. This also adds up to the deontological moral of abortion. With the teleological approach, the views are different when it comes to abortion because it focuses on the consequences. Furthermore, utilitarianism is also consequentialism. Utilitarianism is a teleological approach to ethics as well. As mentioned on NTLWorld is it said that a women can have an abortion or not depending on the best outcome for the women and her environment. The morality here depends on the situation that is based on the maxim of the

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