V For Vendetta Comparison Essay

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I am the type of person that sits in the back of the classroom because I don’t like being picked on. I believe that all people are good and a lot of people take advantage of that. For this reason I have a low self-esteem and I rather stay quiet then be judge by anyone, but to be honest I don’t like myself because like everyone else I want to be different. In V for Vendetta I noticed that it seizes everything I want in life, but it captures everything I’m terrified. V represents someone who has suffered because he has been hurt so many times, but he never let that affect him. Fear is my biggest enemy and my biggest obstacle in life, but V has no obstacles because he is fearless.
Challenging authority is something I never done because I am afraid to have a voice and specially have it heard. V is not afraid of authority, he actually wants to challenge authority because he wants justice for the people of London. In chapter one from book one, we see how V saves poor innocent Evey from getting raped and killed. He kills three fingermen and after that we find out that he blew up the houses in parliament. The reason why …show more content…

This is one of the biggest difference between me and V because V doesn’t forgive meaning he has no mercy. In the book we see how V kills people with mercy. The best examples for this is when V killed the Bishop with the bread of crisis or when he killed Almond. My favorite example is when V torture Evey in this scene he showed no mercy at all because he claimed to care for her but still he hurt her. V does things for a reason and he doesn’t feel guilty for anything he has done. He has a plan to bring freedom to the people in London that he gives his life to finish his plan. He dies in the book, but could have prevented his death. He took his life for the people of London, but the people would never actually know and that’s what makes V a

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