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A recent scientific discovery from Utah State University reveals that almost every animal in the jungle poses less of a threat than two types of frogs found in the wild. The two types of casque-headed tree frogs (the Corythomantis greening and the Aparasphenodon brunoi) were discovered to be harboring venom, rather than the usual poison that frogs contain on the surface of their skin. The difference leaves experts astonished at the possibility of a weaponized frog, and the discovery could alter the taxonomy of frog species forever. Brazilian Venomous Frogs Discovered to Be Deadly - Clapway The difference between venomous frogs and poisonous frogs, and why the distinction is so important It’s not for no reason that experts are making a big deal out of the discovery of these newfound venomous frogs. Although new species of frog are discovered frequently in the most remote regions of the planet, none have ever been discovered to contain venom. Most frogs excrete a poisonous substance through their skin as a defense mechanism, but venom is designed to launch offensive assaults. Biologist Edumund “Butch” Brodie, Jr., one of the lead scientists behind the discovery, describes why it is important to distinguish between venomous frogs and poisonous frogs, “A poisonous animal has toxins that must be inhaled or ingested by another animal to cause harm. To be described as venomous, the organism must have a delivery mechanism — …show more content…

Venomous frogs are fortified to live in forest environments where they could be easily made into a meal at any second. The small amphibians use a series of spikes on their head to deliver blows to would-be attackers, thwarting off all potential threats to their life. According to Brody, the venomous frogs have very few natural predators in the wild, “We don’t know of any animal that successfully feasts on these frogs. Nothing can get past the head spines.” Will frogs ever be viewed the same way

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