Verb Tenses In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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1. Did you like it? Why? Write a short paragraph encouraging one of your friends to read it/not to read it (80-100 words). Chronicle of a death foretold is an essential novel in the Hispano-American literature. All of us, in some moment of our lives, should read it. In this novel, we can read the story of the last day alive of Santiago Nasar. The unexpected beginning where the author announces the death of the main character invite the reader to continue reading. The atmosphere of mystery is present throughout the novel, because all the character could be the murderer or an accomplice. At the end of the story, Santiago Nasar dies as announced the first sentence of the novel. It could seem an imaginary novel, in fact, it is. Chronicle of a death foretold is one of the…show more content…
It could seem an unimportant problem, however, the incorrect choice of a verb tenses could change the sequence of events of the novel. The most common verb tense used in the novel is the past simple, but there are some perfect tenses. There are more verb tenses in Spanish than in English, so we must be careful and understand the context to know what tenses we must use. For instance, we can read “…he 'd put on the day before…,” the novel is written in past simple and this is an action that occurs before, so we need a past perfect. 3. Is there any other Spanish novel you would like to translate into English? Why? Yes, there are several novels that I would like to translate. One of them is El asesinato de la profesora de lengua. This is a book for young people written by Jordi Sierra i Fabra. When I was young, I read it and I really love it. It has got a significant number of word games which, probably, would be adapted to be understood by young target readers. The translation of word games is always entertaining, because you need to think a lot and find a suitable solution to resolve the problem. Moreover, the book has got a simple style, what makes easy the
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