Victor And The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Have you uncovered Victor’s true character yet? Throughout Frankenstein, surprisingly the reader can distinguish a number of differences, rather than similarities, between him and the creature regarding aspects of regret and murders that took place. These points also reveal that Victor is way more malicious, compared to the monster, because his sins outweigh those of the monster’s. Long ago in the late seventeen hundreds, lived a well of family that included a young fellow named Victor. With an interest in the science field, he had created a malicious creature. As the story goes on, both characters gain an increasing hatred for one another leading to tragedies. While the reader might see Victor and the monster as opposites, deep analysis of …show more content…

However, there are just as many differences. One example includes how they feel about one another after the incidents have occurred. Even though Victor did not care for the monster, the creature still glorified and talked highly about him. However, Victor blames everything on the monster and retains the hatred he has towards him. As Victor reflects on the past, he is filled with guilt. When stating how he feels for the monster, he said, “He showed unparalleled malignity and selfishness, in evil: he destroyed my friends; he devoted to destruction beings who possessed exquisite sensations, happiness, and wisdom; nor do I know where this thirst for vengeance may end. Miserable himself, that he may render no other wretched he ought to die.” In comparison, the creature describes his creator as superior. The monster specifically said, “I have devoted my creator, the select specimen of all that is worthy of love and admiration among men, to misery; I have pursued him even to that of irremediable ruin.” These quotes emphasize the stark difference between how they feel about one another. Victor should have taken into consideration that the monster was like this because he had experienced abandonment in a world he had not known. But, the disdain is understandable since the monster had murdered his relatives. The monster’s words seem surprising because if he thought his creator was worthy of love, why try and

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