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Victor Frankenstein chooses to create this monster to help mankind transcend death, but also because he is so fascinated in the science department. On page 77 of the novel, Victor states “and make myself useful to my beings” (77), which backs up the fact that he does it for the good of humanity. At the very beginning of the novel he talks about his enthusiasm and fascination with science. Hence, it was the combination of Victor 's obsession with creating life and the many new discoveries taking place around him such as chemistry that made Victor suppose that he could use all the resources he did to construct his monster.
Victor’s mother’s death played a huge role in his reasoning behind building the monster. He felt that if he could conduct the proper formula of building a human he would be able to control the fate of that human. "A new species …show more content…

It’s said was born curious in science and the creation of life. In the novel, he stated, "The world, was to me a secret which I desired to divine”; "Curiosity, earnest research to learn the hidden laws of nature … are among the earliest sensations I can remember" (31); and "It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn" (33) these quotes show just how curious he is and emphasizes just how long he has been curious about the creation of life.
Elizabeth’s sickness, causing her to almost face death, also provoked his construction of the monster. Before his mother caught the Scarlett Fever, Elizabeth was sick. When Victor was young, he was given Elizabeth as a gift from his parents and for her to have almost died made him realize he had to do something to cheat death. If Elizabeth would’ve died it would’ve broken his heart. Later, Victor’s monster does the exact opposite of what he wants. It kills Elizabeth and causes guilt to himself, but he tries to blame everyone else, such as his father and college professors before he blames

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