Victor's Obsession In Frankenstein

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Victor's Obsession In Frankenstein, we learn of a man named Victor Frankenstein. He is very intelligent, and also loves his family. However, during his endeavors to create life, he sacrifices his relationship with his family. When he tries to redeem himself for his mistakes, it is much too late. A majority of his friends and family are now dead. Unfortunately, Victor lost sight of what he truly loved, and it cost him dearly. Starting out, Victor was fascinated with science and obsessed over the secret of life. Learning everything he could at the university at Ingolstadt, he had finally obtained the proper knowledge to make an attempt at creating life, and so he did. This was his first step towards alienation of his family. The death of his …show more content…

Vengeance is certainly an underlying theme. This is carried out mostly by the monster, but Victor is eventually consumed by it towards the end. The monster wanted to cause Victor suffering as punishment for creating him, and more so later for taking away his potential mate. Victor destroyed the mate not only for revenge, but also for what he saw as the greater good. Vengeance is a vicious cycle, and it is clearly displayed in this story as the two main characters go back and forth. One could argue that both had legitimate reasons for their mistreatment of one another. Victor, for regretting completing his abomination of a creation; the monster, for having no form of mentorship or companionship. One thing is for sure, however; Victor made the first move by creating the creature in the first place. Benford …show more content…

The monster causes by far the most damage in terms of their rivalry. He murders three of Victor's loved ones, and indirectly is the cause of two additional deaths. Victor only destroys the monster's mate. That is how it looks on paper. Many see Victor as the victim, while the monster is a force of relentless evil. However, we now know the misdeeds that Victor has done to the monster. His lack of mentorship of the monster is truly what defines the monster's evil. Not only is Victor cruel to the monster, but we have also discussed how frequently he neglected his family. He was so consumed by his obsession with creating, fearing, and subduing the monster, that he often overlooked what was really important to

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