Victor's Responsibilities In Frankenstein

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Grace Cochrane
Mrs. Schroder
English IV Honors
8 December 2016
Duties and Responsibilities of a Creator The kind of responsibilities that come with being a creator can have life changing effects on both the creator and his creation. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” demonstrates a situation in which the creator neglects his responsibilities and duties to his creation; leaving his creation lonely, confused, and angry. Throughout “Frankenstein” Shelley compares the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and the monster to God and Adam. She also suggests that Victor Frankenstein holds the responsibility for the monsters deadly actions, his neglect leaving the monster to react in a deadly manner. Victor Frankenstein’s curiosity and optimism led him to become fascinated with the world of science. This fascination and …show more content…

God created Adam and tried to teach him right and wrong, just like parents teach their children. In Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” Victor creates a new kind of life form, but does not follow through with his duties of being a creator. He abandons his creation as soon as something does not go as planned, leaving the monster lonely and confused about the new world that he lives in. Throughout the story Shelley makes many biblical references comparing the relationship between Victor and the monster to God and Adam.Victor created the monster first, just like God created Adam. The relationship between God and Adam show similarities to the relationship between Victor and the monster. Adam wants a companion to live out his life with him on earth, just like how the monster wanted a companion to live and relate to. Sadly Victor does not keep his promises like God does, leaving the monster without a companion. The neglect and abandonment that the monster faces leads him to seek normality and later on in the story pushes him to seek

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