The Consequences Of Victor Frankenstein's Ambition In Frankenstein

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The Consequences of Victor Frankenstein 's Ambition in Frankenstein Novel by Mary Shelley in Reader Response Criticism

Nevita Rizki Ariyani

Frankenstein novel is one of the great masterpiece by Mary Shelley that written very well in its time. The novel gives many different perspective of the character throughout the story that makes it the difficult one. In the beginning of the story it’s describe about Robert Walton that has an expedition to the North Pole and send letters to his sister, Margaret in England. Walton tells her that he met someone, named Victor Frankenstein. He explains what happened during Victor’s entire life until he marooned in fragment of ice. Throughout his letters, he told one by one of Victor’s life experiences, by using Victor’s perspective in the novel and also he warns Walton so he can learn from his life experiences that he told him.
Victor is a young man from Geneva that has always fascinated by science till it becomes ambition. After he grew up he eventually attended to learn more about science and alchymists, so he studies a natural science in a university at Ingolstadt. His ambition becomes bigger by believing that he can create a human being and he decides to make his experiment. Moreover, his ambition turns in to a negative ambition because while he creates his creature, his mind becomes uncontrolled. Till one day his experiment success and the creature he makes by using a pieced of
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