Vietnam I Pledge Allegiance Analysis

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Vietnam: I pledge Allegiance is a story that takes place during the Vietnam war. In this story there are four boys, Morris, Rudi, Ivan, and Beck. These boys were best friends and would do anything for one another and had known each and every one of them since elementary school, they are like brothers. Ever since they were young boys they had made pledges for everything and had lived by those pledges for life. They started to make pledges because of a conflict that occurred in elementary school among all of them. They had all liked the same girl. They did not want to lose their friendship so it was Ivan’s idea that they make a pledge that she was off limits. Since then they had made pledges for everything. Morris had the same nightmare of all of him and his friends fighting in the war and end up all being killed almost every night so it was a pledge by Morris that if one of them is drafted for the military to fight in the Vietnam War then all of them had to sign up. Unfortunately, Rudi had received a letter of being drafted in The Marine Corps to fight in …show more content…

Although they were attacked there was an upside to the incident. Morris was very glad to go back to Boston after being on a boat for such a long time. During his time in Boston he spent most of it with his mother. Once the time had come to go back to the sea, Morris was assigned to a new ship in the “Brown Water Navy”.
In the Brown Water Navy, Morris’ and Moses’ boat was not the only ship there. There was a fleet of ships in the deep jungle waters along with them. Morris had a different job than he did on the USS Boston. On this ship Morris was a radioman. Being a radioman allowed him to make phone calls to his pals, although he enjoyed getting written letters from them. Unfortunately, after a phone call with Ivan, their ship was attacked and Morris’ close friend, Moses was killed. “If friendship has an opposite, it has to be

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