Vignette Case Study Hong Kong

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Vignette Paper

The vignette that I chose was number #5- Kong. Before meeting with the client I would do a little research on the cultural background and perhaps find some items that I could present as a sign of respect for this client. I would also do some research on the Buddhist beliefs for reference. While loss affects people in different ways, many experience similar symptoms when they’re grieving. It is to remember that almost anything that is experienced in the early stages of grief is normal—including feeling hopeless, alone, reality is no longer relevant or the questioning of one’s religious beliefs. Shock, disbelief, anger fear, physical symptoms are all signs that can accompany grief. In the case of Kong, each one needs to be …show more content…

There would be so many questions, but first the main goal would be for Kong to grieve, but also try to walk him through the release that this was not his fault and that his son was in much pain and is not hurting now. The key would be to focus on the current issue and that is one of depression and severe sadness. Kong is scared and unsure as to what will happen to him next. I would work on trying to relate to him that we need to find a place within himself that is safe and secure and work on the Zen part of his life. Letting the client know that it is okay to talk about his issues and problems as it is a healthy way for healing. To let the client know that cultural teaching can be hard to adjust or tweak, but there are times when they might be necessary. The therapist would need to be careful in respecting the cultural difference though whereas not to shut down the client and also show no disrespect. The possible therapy techniques that might be beneficial here would be a combination of narrative and Structural. Kong might need a plan, since his son was taking care of many of his basis needs and Kong is aged, have the client talk it out, yet propose steps that can assist in goals for the …show more content…

In this case, I would propose that Kong might be interested in visiting the Desert Zen Center, located in Lucerne Valley. It is a Buddhist based center and perhaps he might be able to connect with others whose share the same beliefs and background. The Interpreter services that could be useful could be reached through the Department of Aging. I would also direct him toward County services if he needed any assistance in applying for any sort of aid. This also would need to be handled with a kit glove as many Asian cultures do not depend on government assistance, therefore it would be presented as an option of consideration only, and since it some cultures rely only on family ties to take care of the generations. Those would be the initial referrals to start off and see where it goes from

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