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Narrative Techniques in Vikram Chandra’s Fiction Abstract The purpose of this paper is to account for the Indian English fiction. The main focus will be placed on the narrative techniques in Vikram Chandra’s Fiction, who lives between Bombay and Washington. He is a real master when it comes to fictionalized oral storytelling, echoing the traditional Indian epics- the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It is no wonder, then, that Chandra would define himself as a storyteller. The generic shaping of a text tends to voice the ontological conception of literature that an author has, as it is the case with Chandra’s transcultural narrative. Narrative Techniques like postcolonial subjectivity, intertextuality masical realism, narratology, postmodernism, meta narration, feminism, epic features are depicted in his works Red Earth and pouring rain (1995),Love and Longing in Bombay (1997), and Sacred Games (20006). KEY WORDS: Indian English fiction, narrative techniques, postcolonial subjectivity, narratology, intertextuality, postmodernism, metanarration, feminism,…show more content…
Chandra’s earlier short story collection Love and longing in Bombay echoes throughout Sacred Games. The character worked as the well- respected handyman of a pickle factory, an unusual position, which further develops chandra’s engagement with the city by narrating a plot full of intrigue, melodrama, sex and violence that can rival any late Victorian novel or Bollywood film. The main focal point is the individual’s negotiation of his role, space and place in this often hostile urban environment, which Chandra explores on all levels of Bombay movie starlet, the rich businessman to the airline stewardess, the corrupt politician to the high court judge, the gang lord to the airline stewardess, the corrupt politician to the high court judge, the gang lord to the spiritual guru, and the hairdresser to the
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