Violence In Society

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As a child, my mom loved to cook us seafood and I remember asking my mom “Why do you put a crab in a cold pot of water and then heat it up?”. She giggled and said, “That way the crab doesn’t know it is being cooked.” I think the same parallel can be applied to the current state of our society as it pertains to violence in the media. Twenty years ago, hearing the word B**** on network TV at prime time was unheard of, watching people kill one another for entertainment was non-viewable by children. But nowadays, it has become a common norm and acceptable in our media and our society. The shock factor has worn off and it appears that we have been very open and tolerant of this kind of negative behavior being displayed in the media. The decline of moral sensitivity in our society has produced an increase in violence, vulgarity, and sexual promiscuity. Nowadays, these things have become an acceptable form of…show more content…
Often when we hear the word violence and we tend to limit ourselves to thinking of violence as only a physical form that we can visual see. As a matter of fact, as our society has continued to progress we have come to understand that violence doesn’t just come in physical form. Nowadays, it comes in different forms like bullying, mass shootings, and verbal attacks. Since 2000, the number of mass shootings has steadily increased. In an article called “A Too Familiar Tragedy with One Difference” by Scott Gilmore I found a quote that completely expresses my sentiments on this topic, “I, like you, I suspect, am numb to these massacres. Even one on the scale of Orlando does little to move me.” As a society we have become indifferent to these tragedies because they have become a normal occurrence. Also, we hear about a lot of shootings happening everyday in different cities in our nation. These shootings can sometimes become so overbearing that we just become numb to
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