Quantitative Spectroscope And Visible Light Lab Report

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Jessica Vandeventer 23 March 2016 Quantitative Spectroscope and Visible Light Purpose/Question- The purpose of the lab is to build a diffraction grating spectroscope, and to view different lights. We also are going to draw the light spectra of the various light sources. Hypothesis– Each light sources will have a different spectral, but there will be some similarities in the different light sources. Data Tables/ Graphs – Analysis Questions- Exercise 1: Building and Calibrating a Spectroscope Questions A. Hold the grating several inches from your face, at an angle. Look at the grating that you will be using. Record what details you see at the grating surface. I see the different colors of the rainbow when holding the grating several inches from my face. B. Hold the diffraction grating up to your eye and …show more content…

The thickness is more when the slit is wider, and less when the slit is narrower. H. Write up to five sentences describing how a spectroscope works. Make certain to mention things like the light inlet slit, diffraction grating, light, spectrum, etc. Visible light enter into the spectroscope through a slit which focuses the light. The light then breaks into parallel lines. The grating allows us to see the colors in the spectrum. We can measure the light using the spectroscope grid template. Exercise 2: Using the Spectroscope Questions A. Describe the similarities and differences between the spectra of incandescent light and fluorescent light. Use your results in Data Table 1 to explain your answer. The incandescent light gave a continuous spectrum with all the colors showing. The fluorescent light had a line spectrum with all the colors. B. The wavelength (λ) and frequency (ν) of light are related through the equation: Using the following emission spectra: Calculate the frequency for the each of 8 emission lines: λ = c *v solve for frequency(v) v = λ/c a. Violet (450 nm) v = (3x108 m/s) /

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