Vladka Meed: Protesting The Holocaust

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Protesting the Holocaust
Vladka Meed was a mother,a wife, a daughter, a sister, but also a survivor. She was a survivor of the Holocaust. Meed was born in December 29, 1921 in Warsaw, Poland. Her original name was Feigele Peltel, later changed it when she joined the ZOB, Jewish Fighting Organization.
Vladka lost her siblings and both parents, when the soldiers came to acclaim people for the concentration camps. However, despair gave way to determination after she heard Abrasha Blum of the Jewish Coordinating Committee that sought to unite the diverse political factions of the ghetto, give a rousing speech calling for armed resistance. She was left alone with her fiance,Benjamin Meed. They both helped start the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Organization …show more content…

Among her most important missions as a courier was to smuggle a map of the death camp of Treblinka out of the ghetto in the hope that solid information about the killing would spur a decisive response in the West. Vladka’s became the leader of the organization and she the co-leader.
When the Holocaust was over, Vladka became an impassioned leader in the national effort to educate children about the Holocaust. Vladka later made a book named “On Both Sides of The wall”, which was made in memory of all those she and many more lost in the Holocaust. The book refrances facts and details about the
She later died in Phoenix. She was 90 years old. Her heart stayed with all the children she taught about the holocaust, and had a great impact to many all around her. The students kept her name going and making her a remembrance. “Benjamin Meed is no longer. He died on Tuesday October 22nd the second of Mar Cheshvan 5767, surrounded by his family, his wife Vladka, his son Steven and daughter-in-law Rita, Anna, his five grandchildren and his beloved sister Genia who arrived in from Israel that morning, just in time”.(Rebecca Kaplan

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