Volatile Oil In Cosmetic Industry

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Volatile oils are odorous constituents of the plants. They are liquid, lipophile, volatile with characteristic smell. Volatile oil will volatize or evaporate when exposed to atmosphere at ordinary temperature, so they are called ethereal oil. They also called as essential oil, as they essence or concentrated constituents of the plants. Volatile oils are insoluble in water, which is sufficient to impart taste and smell of the water and it is used for the preparation of aromatic waters in pharmacy. Volatile oils are soluble in alcohol, ether and other lipid solvents. Volatile oils are usually lighter than water. They have high refractive index and optical rotation. These oil present in entire part of the plant or other parts of plants like leaf,…show more content…
It has witnessed a steady growth over many years and the increase in fashion consciousness and purchasing power of the people is going to add to this growth momentum. With the demand for beauty products rising day by day, India’s cosmetic industry is poised for a big boom. Awareness about the beauty products has increased due to the print media as well as the electronic media playing a major role in this context. Advanced communication systems and the Internet bombard the consumers about new cosmetic products which are far superior to earlier standards. The consumer of today’s times is more knowledgeable about the ingredients that make up the products and are opposed to synthetic beauty chemicals which can cause side-effects. This has led to the popularity of Indian herbal cosmetics within the country as well as all over the world. The herbal cosmetics industry experiencing a rising of graph for its market and products which are being sold the world over. Herbal beauty products were first introduced to the world way back in the seventies by beauty expert Shahnaz Husain. Today there are a plethora of brands in the herbal cosmetics market. Yet, the market is still growing and there is scope for new entrants, who can deliver quality natural based products that will satisfy the consumer’s requirements. The age-old obsession for fairness coupled with the need of the modern woman for natural alternatives to increasing…show more content…
They exposed in presence of air at ordinary temperature. They exposed some essence, so they also called as essential oil. Volatile oil contains hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds, the odour is because of their oxygenated compounds. They contain terpenes, terpenes are isoprene units, classified by monoterpenes, sesqui terpenes, diterpenes, etc... Chemically volatile oils contains several constituents like alcohol, esters, hydrocarbons, phenol etc.... Volatile oils have many medicinal applications like carminative, stimulant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic etc... Different volatile oils contains different pharmacological or medicinal effects. It is also used in the cosmetic industries for making soaps, perfumes. Now, herbal formulations have more scope in India, because they don 't give any side effects like synthetic

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