How Did Imperialism Cause Ww1

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Main causes of WW1 World war one or the Great War was one of the most harsh and worthless battle between nations. Many people did not achieve anything or archive any land during the war and still over 10 million people were killed. Many countries were already on their tippy toes and ready to fight. There was a lot of tension between countries for a few different reasons. The tensions cause these countries to go against each other even more and really strive and achieve what they want, simply because they want to prove that they are the best and most powerful. The causes for these tensions and the cause of the war in general will be named and explained with 3 main ideas below. The question that will be answered is what factors did really cause WW1. Imperialism as a cause of ww1: Imperialism is a system where a powerful nation rules and exploits one or more colonies. The main advantages of imperialism were economic and beneficial for a country occupying the territory. …show more content…

The Ottomans were defeated in several wars. These defeats resulted in significant losses of territory. With the Ottoman at risk of complete collapse, Europe’s imperial powers decided to secure territory or influence in the region . All main powers in Europe wanted to have land in the falling Ottoman Empire, thus causing tension between countries, because the countries wanted land to themselves. In conclusion Imperialism was a big cause of WW1, because with all countries fighting about capturing or colonizing land, they can’t come on an agreement that should get what. Every country wants as much as it can get. Countries were caused to create tensions between each other and declare war on each other if even something small happened. All these countries needed were an excuse or get dragged in by alliance in order to go war so they would have more land and could feel more

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