Wade Michael Page's Incident

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On August 5, 2012, a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin was the center of a most horrific attack resulting in the death of several people. That August Sunday morning the congregation of the Oak Creek Sikh Temple was gathering to pray and worship like any other but instead of everyone leaving in peace six people of the community were fatally shot and others wounded. According to ABC news the gunman behind this shooting was identified as Wade Michael Page (2012). A bald headed, middle aged, Caucasian, male, with extensive amounts of tattoos on his body. Page was born November 11, 1971 in Loveland, Colorado and died August 5, 2012 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Page was raised in Colorado until he enlisted in the Army where he was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He served in the armed forces for six years 1992 to 1998. When Page initially enlisted, his job was an Army repairman for the Hawk missile system then he later transferred and became a psychological operations specialist (CBS, 2012). Page was then discharge, in 1998, for getting drink and abandoning his post while on the duty (CBS, 2012). Likewise, Page also had other drinking related incidents with the law. CBS reported that Page pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in EL Paso in 1994 and was sentences six months probation. He also pleaded …show more content…

65-year-old Satwant Singh Kaleka the known founder of the Oak Creek temple was shot in the leg and hip after he tried to stab Page with a butter knife (CBS, 2012). 41-year-old mother, Paramjit Kaur had just finished her daily prayer before she was shot (CBS, 2012). 84-year-old Suveg Singh Khattra, 39-year-old Prakash Singh, 49-year-old Ranjit Singh, and 41-year-old Sita Singh were the other four men shot and killed. Amazingly, Police Lt. Brian Murphy survived his injuries, but was left with a speech impediment from being shot in the neck (CBS,

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