Walt Disney Accomplishments

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Do you love Doritos? I know I sure do! Doritos were actually invented at Disney Land! A Mexican style restaurant called Casa de Fritos had stale tortillas. Instead of throwing them out they fried them up and served the tortillas as chips. This is only one commonly used item that is here today because of Walt Disney. He 's mostly known as the creator of Disney World, but he also created the first film with color and sound. This creativity goes back to when Walt was younger. Walt started his life just like any normal little kid, but they 're was something special about him. Walt was born in the city of Chicago, Illinois on December 5,1901. His family lived on a farm, with little to no neighbors. Walt became interested in drawing at age 7,…show more content…
Walt wins honorary academy award, full sized oscar, and seven miniatures for Snow white and the Seven Dwarves. He also releases the films Pinocchio and Fantasia. Fantasia was released with fantasound. Fantasound is a multiple-speaker system. A film called Seal Island released and it won an academy award. Walt also released a movie called Mary Poppins. The movie was nominated for 13 academy awards. After all these big accomplishments, Walt purchased a studio in florida for EPCOT.

In November of 1966 Walt didn 't feel very good so he went to the hospital. The doctors told him that he had lung cancer. Walt told his family not to worry because he would get the cancer removed. Soon Walt started to get worried because he started to feel sicker and stayed at home more often. Walt Disney passed away on December 15, 1966. The last person he talked to was his brother and they talked about EPCOT.

Without Walt Disney 's creativity and determination we wouldn 't have some of the advanced technology today. He developed technology that makes movies the way they are today. He built an amusement park that makes little kids scream with joy. Walt Disney, mostly known as the creator of Disney World, but his creativity goes back to when he was a child, like
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