War Of 1812 Dbq

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Many conflicts and even excuses led America to declare war on England. This war is known as the war of 1812 or the forgotten war. After all the failed attempts to mend problems with England ,Madison finally asked congress to declare war. Things that led up to the war of 1812 were impressment, conflict with the Native Americans, hunger for land , and etc. This war is a turning point in history and displays America's true potential to Europe. At the time land hunger was an excuse for Americans to go to war with England. Westerners also known as War Hawks were hungry for land and to them war was the best way to solve the problem. The War Hawks wanted Canada and Florida. They wanted Canada to expand land for farming and gain more control in government. …show more content…

The British forces were not only forcing American sailors into the royal navy but seizing American ships. Since America proclaimed neutrality they were trading with England and France at the time. In 1807 British Orders and Councils then stated that they have the right to seize any ship that proclaimed neutrality and was trading with France. America then protested in many ways to stop England from seizing their ships and impressing their soldiers. They even tried the embargo act to stop trade with England. This however did not help at all and ended up hurting American merchants. “In 1807, when four sailors off the virginia cape were pressed into the Royal Navy, the issue gained national attention, bringing the United States to the brink of war” (Classroom Worksheet). Lastly when four British members of the Royal Navy deserted and enlisted on the U.S Frigate Chesapeake the British were angry. Aware of the men’s enlistment on the Frigate Chesapeake the Royal Navy demanded their return. When Americans then refused to return them the British then opened fire on the American ship. This event was known as the Chesapeake Affair that caused Americans rooting for

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