Was Christopher Boone's Life A Tragedy Or An Adventure?

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Aisha Hafez ENG2D.04 Watson Was Cristopher Boone's life a tragedy or an adventure? Was Christopher Boone’s life a tragedy or an adventure? Born autistic, Christopher was destined to have more hardships than the average person, and having a supposedly dead mother and single, hardworking father just made matters worse. But then his life takes an unexpected turn with the murder of his neighbour’s dog and suspects turning up seemingly out of the blue creating chaos in Christopher’s simple thinking mind. As he investigates the case, truths that he never thought would be real turn out to take over his life. As Christopher’s world is shaken by deceits by those he loves and hope from those unexpected, the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime …show more content…

He already has a disadvantage in society by being autistic, so the issues that arise with his mother, father and the murder of his neighbour’s dog were unfair to him. He should have been able to live a quiet life, where he learned and grew naturally and peacefully. When it came to the investigation of the murder, Christopher’s father strongly opposed it, demanding that Christopher stay out of other people's issues. This command was naturally good parental advice, since Chrsitopher doesn’t have the social skills that are necessary to navigate troubling and difficult situations. For example, when the police officer grabbed Christopher, he had hit the officer and in return had to spend a couple of hours in jail. So when he disobeyed, the original plan of Christopher’s maturing came to an unexpected turn of events. He should have grown naturally, learned quietly and at his own pace and not bit off more than he could chew. A lot of the secrets uncovered, especially with his mother, would have been better off left alone until Christopher was older, more mature to be able to understand them properly. When Christopher stated “He was asking too many questions and he was asking them too quickly. They were stacking up in my head like loaves in the factory where Uncle Terry works” it highlighted the heightened social anxiety that can be caused, both for someone who is autistic and for those who have general anxiety over social

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