Was The Civil War Inevitable?

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The Civil War was perhaps the deadliest war in American history, with roughly 600,000 casualties between the Northern and Southern states. The land was left in utter destruction, and the economy was weakened by the expensive war costs. Though the Southern states were admitted back into the Union, tensions between the former Confederate States and the Union states still existed. Upon the war’s end, slaves were freed, and granted the right to the pursuit of happiness and to vote. However, Reconstruction can be considered a failure since it isn 't until the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s that these rights are actually protected, and southern and northern states are properly assimilated. The underlying issue here is whether or not these 600,000 soldiers or so lost their lives in vein. Was the Civil War inevitable? Was it necessary? …show more content…

By looking at slave owner, George Fitzhugh’s “Cannibals All” through the lens of the Reconstruction Amendments, it is clear that not only was the Civil War inevitable, but it was fundamentally necessary as

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