Wave Energy Disadvantages

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The most obvious advantage of ocean wave power is the fact that it is a renewable energy source, meaning that the usage of energy does not diminish future use of the energy source. In recent times, the society is often looking for ways to becoming more sustainable for our future, and wave power could be one of the ways. In addition to being a renewable energy source, there are still many advantages of wave energy.
Firstly, ocean waves contains a huge amount of energy that can be captured. With the huge mass and density of water, ocean waves has a very high potential of providing large amount of energy. When compared to other renewable sources such as wind energy, the kinetic energy in wave energy is estimated to be 1000 times larger than that of wind energy. This also allows it to use much less space for similar output of power in comparison to wind power. In US, certain locations of the coast has been estimated to be able to provide over 2000 TWh/yr.
In addition to the huge amount of energy available, it is the kinetic properties of water waves that allows it to be highly efficient for cultivation. Since ocean particles directly stimulate energy capturing mechanisms, the mechanical and direct systems makes ocean power cultivation highly efficient. Even in one of the early creations of collecting ocean wave power in the 1970s, people have managed to capture 90% of ocean wave energy, where 84% of the energy could be successfully produced into electrical energy.

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