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Review and assess
Respond: Waverly and her mother, Lindo Jong, have an ongoing psychological battle, each surreptitiously trying to gain the upper hand.
(a)Recall: Place the remaining deck face down in the middle of the board. Place the 4 pawns of each color on the Start of that color. Pick a player to first. Select 1 card from your hand. Play it onto the discard pile. (b)Analyze: At the beginning of this story, the narrator, Waverly Jong, explains how her mother taught her the art of invisible strength when she was six years old, saying that it is a strategy for winning arguments, respect, and chess game.
(a)Recall: When Waverly fears that she will lose a chess match and shame the family, Mrs. Jong says, "Is shame you fall down nobody push you." Under the humor of her syntax, however, her words are powerful and biting - that is, Waverly has no one to blame for her failure but herself. (b)Connect: Waverly is told not to question the rules just figure it out on her own. Waverly uses the rules to make her own chess strategy. (c)Extend: Waverly Jong is a young girl who lives with her mother, Mrs. Jong, and her two older brothers, Vincent and Winston. Her family is of Chinese descent and they live happily in busy Chinatown, San Francisco. Waverly's mother is very strict. …show more content…

Apply: Waverly Place Jong has a special talent. From the first time she reads the instructions to her brother's chess set she is fascinated by the complicated moves and subtle strategies she must master. Her success at chess singles her out in her community and gives her special privileges at

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