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In Culture of Death, Wesley J. Smith is very clear about his opinions on where the future of healthcare is headed. In my essay, I will be discussing Smiths’ statements regarding assisted suicide, euthanasia and removal of food and fluid and why he believes the government should put an end to legalizing these practices. I will also discuss the important cases of Annette Corriveau, Robert Latimer, and others. Wesley Smith is a bioethicist and human rights activist that advocates for the illegalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia. Smith began getting involved with cases regarding euthanasia and assisted suicide after one of his best friends killed himself shortly obtaining advice from the Hemlock Society which is a group that supports …show more content…

Robert killed his daughter by carbon monoxide poisoning out of “mercy” because of her cerebral palsy. Similar to the Corriveau case, Robert felt no remorse for killing his only daughter because he truly believes that his daughter was in pain and would not have wanted to continue living in the condition she was in. Robert has to spend the rest of his life in prison because he did not have a substantial case to prove that his daughter would have wanted to …show more content…

This type of case has already happened for George Delury and Susan Randall. George Delury’s wife, Myrna Lebov had multiple sclerosis which left her disabled and in pain. George claimed that his wife begged him that she wanted to die so he chose to kill her out of mercy and respect her wishes. People all over the country and the media felt sorry for Mr. Delury and thought what he did was courageous and respectable. However, this excerpt was later found in George’s diary “I have work to do, people to see, places to travel. But no one asks about my needs. I have fallen prey to the tyranny of a victim. You are sucking my life out of me like a vampire and nobody cares.” (Chapter 3 Packet, page 9). George was sentenced to only six months in jail for murdering his wife and then he proceeded to commit

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