Whaley House Research Paper

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Enter The Whaley House, If You Dare The Whaley House has been known for its haunting spirits before it was ever built in 1857. Thomas Whaley designed and built the house in San Diego.Before the house was built, a nasty execution was done. The hanging was very unorganized that it took one hour for Yankee Jim to strangle to death. It was proven his feet or toes touched the ground. Ever since Yankee 's death paranormal activity has been it 's number one priority. Some visitors believe the house is the most haunted house in the United States, maybe even in the world. In the clip, "Most Haunted," Yvette Fielding highly convinced the audience that paranormal activity was experienced on the Whaley House through ethos, statistics, and language usage. The usage of ethos or ethics persuaded the audience of the "disturbing" activity because of the interviews the eyewitnesses gave, and actually watching a ghost experiment take action in the…show more content…
Statistics have proven that paranormal activity was effective in the house because of all the actual deaths and hauntings that were proven in the Whaley House. For example, Marion Reynolds, the four year old great-granddaughter of Thomas Whaley, died from eating ant poison. Some people have heard a child 's cry in the night while some people have experienced "something" holding their hand when they walk in a certain room in the Whaley House. Violet Whaley committed suicide in the house. She shot herself with her father 's pistol in 1885. She killed herself because of the depression or dishonor she had for her divorce. In 1889, the 18th month old Thomas Whaley J.R. died. Some people have experienced a crying baby crying upstairs in the house. Visitors have reported hearing foot steps which related to the hanging of Yankee Jim.Visitors have also reported smelling perfume or smoke(worn by Anna Whaley.) The deaths of Thomas Whaley 's family prove the paranormal activity in the Whaley House because of all the hauntings that occur after
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