What Are Samurai's Eight Beliefs

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In a samurai’s life they had to follow a code called bushido. There were eight beliefs which made up the code of bushido. The eight beliefs where:
1. Rectitude or justice,
2. Courage,
3. Benevolence or Mercy,
4. Politeness,
5. Honesty and Sincerity,
6. Honour,
7. Loyalty, and
8. Character and self control,
The samurai were considered the warrior class of Japan. A samurai’s weapons included:
1. Katana (long sword),
2. Wakizashi (short sword),
3. Bow and arrow, and
4. Armor
A katana was a long curved sword made by a master craftsman and was carried by the samurai . The samurai’s primary weapon was a katana of self-dispense.
The elite military class warriors in japan promoted education and influenced Japanese culture of how the samurai lived
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