Litigation And Alternative Dispute Resolution Case Study

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1 Background
This response will give a thorough explanation on resolving the dispute between the client and the dismissed Project Manager. In this phase, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution will be clearly discussed and three methods namely Mediation, Negotiation and Conciliation will be in detailed by revealing the advantages and disadvantages.
It further clarifies the best method for the client and dismissed Project Manager to effectively and accurately resolve the problem. The output of the evaluation will ensure speed, accuracy, and efficiency in carrying out the contract.
1.1 Court System (Litigation)
Litigation is the term used to define proceedings initiated between two differing parties to enforce or defend a legal …show more content…

ADR maybe conveniently categorized into two groups namely: The non-binding and binding ADR. The non-binding ADR includes mediation, negotiation and conciliation while binding ADR includes arbitration, mini-trial, expert determination (E.D) and mediation-arbitration …show more content…

This usually happens due to the determination of the disputants to resolve their own problems, the mediator’s job is to ensure all parties understand themselves and assist them move forward to a working solution. The mediator typically takes 5 steps which are:
¬ Firstly, all parties agree on a routine of time and place of

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