What Are The Arguments Against Dying With Dignity

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Dying with Dignity Dying with dignity should be a basic human right that each person is granted. If people are in an excruciating amount of pain they should be able to have the option to take their own life. Dying with dignity should not be mistaken for committing suicide because in order to have this procedure guidelines must be met. Analysis must be completed on each person who is trying to die with dignity. According to Death with Dignity National Center, five states have now legalized assisted suicide and the Supreme Court should legalize it in every state. If people are able to live their life how they want to they should also be able to decide how they want their life to end. Euthanasia should be legalized because it would ease suffering, be less of a financial burden, and grant individual’s the right to die with dignity.…show more content…
Suicide is committed by a person who is in a temporary place such as depression or a bad breakup. However, if a person has been diagnosed with an incurable disease, he or she should have the option to die with dignity. The pain that a person may go through while dealing with a disease is unfathomable, and can only be understood by the person experiencing the pain. If people are suffering so much that they want to end their lives then chances are nothing is going to change their mindset. If euthanasia is not available to people in distress then suicide could be the heartbreaking outcome. Suicide would be much more painful to a family rather than assisted-suicide. Assisted-suicide allows a family to say goodbye to their dying family member, whereas suicide would come unexpected. Therefore, if it is impossible for doctors to restore the patient’s health, the decision to end his or her life should be

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