Assisted Suicide Persuasive Speech

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What is your feeling about dying in the hands of another person on your request? You may not know but this happens frequently, many people who become terminally ill think this is the best solution without suffering. I am going to tell you why many people along with myself do not agree with this scenario. I believe people should not have the option on assisted suicides. One reason is it is murder. Any death by the hands of another is known as murder. This violates the lifespan of others that are ordered by the gods. Another reason is many requests that are made for assisted suicide is normally the fear of pain and it not being taken care of. When there is no pain or the pain is taken care of many people drop the request and even seem reassured. …show more content…

People who are involved in these can suffer just as much as the patient. The choices bear on the good of the population, doctors are supposed to help your health, knowledge, and friendships. They are taught to save lives not to take them away. They are taught to act against anything that brings harm towards the person. To end someone’s life even for a better end shows what someone thinks of human life. Some ask why shouldn’t we be able to help someone’s misery by helping them die? Howard Ball is one to claim it is the compassionate thing to do. He says when a person we love is in misery we have an emotional response. He states that the best way to help another who is suffering is to assist them in the act of taking their own life. It is not right to destroy the person due to pain or misery on purpose. A human life has always been the most valued and essential aspect of the public, also the culture and history as a unit. This is usually influenced by the law. If the culture disregards the life of others the most vulnerable are in danger anywhere from the elder to the disabled. A culture that is against assisted suicides sees life as valuable, which also treat the elderly, disabled, and ill equal to everyone else. If certain laws

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