What Are The Causes Of Congressional Reconstruction

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Reconstruction was a period after the Civil War, which Northern leaders created plans to reestablish the south and for southern states to rejoin the Union. Presidential reconstruction was more lenient to the south. However, Congressional reconstruction wanted to punish the south for starting the war and for treating African American inequality. They put the South under military control. And allowed African Americans the right to vote, yet, denied the southern political leaders the right to vote. In addition, congressional reconstruction demands the south to agree to follow the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments of the constitution, before joining the Union. William Dunning and Eric Foner’s are two historians who interpreted the causes of congressional …show more content…

According to the passage, “as black codes were concerned, it was pointed out that they could not be alleged as evidences of a tendency to restore slavery or introduce peonage.” This is saying that black codes were totally different from slavery and could not be used for evidence that the south was bringing back slavery. Since President Johnson’s presidential reconstruction was so lenient to the south and gave the white southerner to determining whether to abolish slavery or not. As a result, it led to white southerners passing the black codes, which restricted African American’s freedom. In another word, it is same as slavery, just in different word phrase. Dunning’s passage also mentioned that the southerners felt that Congress gave African American the rights to vote was just a way to gain support and wants the new government in the south to support the Republican Party. As it stated in the passage, “ the southerners felt that the policy of Congress had no real cause save the purpose of radical politicians to prolong and extend their party power by means of negro

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