What Was The Significance Of The 14th Amendment

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The Fourteenth Amendment was designed to grant citizenship to whoever was born in the United States and grant protection of civil rights to all Americans and the recently freed slaves. The Fourteenth Amendment was signed on July, 28th, 1868 it granted citizenship to everyone born in the united states, it also included former slaves that just been freed after the civil war it guaranteed African Americans citizenship and all of the privileges included in the Diaz 2 Fourteenth Amendment but before the fourteenth amendment became officially signed there were a lot of disagreement between groups, “it was far from perfect” (Foner2008). President Andrew Johnson voiced his dis pleasure with the fourteenth amendment. “The amendment prohibited the states from abridging the “privileges and immunities …show more content…

This was the beginning of the period known as radical reconstruction. Radical reconstruction demanded former slaves the right to vote. The radicals made a commitment to the idea of equality. They became dedicated to strengthen the Republican Party in the south and determined to keep ex-confederates out of the office. Due to the reconstruction which guaranteed equality before the law by the fourteenth amendment to all African Americans and also gave them the right to vote The fourteenth amendment did not allow any woman to vote many woman was upset that they wrote on the fourteenth amendment the word “men” that meaning no woman could vote. Women activist saw the reconstruction as the movement for women to claim their own emancipation Women were fighting hard to change the boundaries of American democracy be expanded to include them in it as well but no man would listen. Some African Americans were able to obtain farms of their own after the civil war. Many African Americans ended up as sharecroppers. (Foner2013). But things did not change right away. There was still hate from the

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