What Are The Causes Of The 9/11 Attacks

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At 8:47 am flight 11 hit the north tower causing terrors in all of U.S.A. everyone thought that that was going to be the only hit but they were wrong at 9:02 flight 175 hit the South Tower. 9/11 was the worst day in US history.

The day started when flight 11 left BOS (Boston International) for LAX (Los Angeles International). Then 14 minutes later flight 175 leaves BOS for LAX. 7 minutes later flight 77 leaves IAD (Dulles International) for LAX. Then at 8:47 flight 11 crashes into the North tower of the World Trade Center (WTC). Then 15 minutes later flight 175 hit the South tower! Later flight 77 crashes into the pentagon at 9:41. Then 19 minutes later flight 93 crashes near shanks Ville PA and north tower collapses. 28 minutes later the south tower collapse. Then 6 hours and 24 minutes later at 5:56 WTC 7 collapses. Then at 10:56 they are still finding survivors under the rubble. On 9/12/01 the are finding the final survivors and on 9/13/01 they created the “Homeland Security.” Then on 9/14/01 the president visits “ground zero.” 10/7/01 American and British forces attack Afghanistan. 10/26/01 Patriot act signed into law. The Patriot act allows the US government to spy on people. …show more content…

Each building had steel beams at each level. This was the cause of the collapse. It cost 2,300,000,000 to build the 2 buildings. Why did the buildings collapse? Well number one two planes hit it

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