What Are The Causes Of The Korean War

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The Korean War was the first war that had a major international organization playing a major role. The countries involved included North Korea, Soviet Union, China, South Korea, and the United States. The international organization was the U. N. or United Nations. You may be wondering why these countries were even involved in this war. The United States and the Soviet Union didn’t have the same type of government which led to tension and conflict all over the world. China had a communist government just like the Soviet Union which helped form an alliance between them. The United States had a democratic government which caused it to form an anti-communist policy. The Korean War took place in both North and South Korea, during June 25, 1950 to July 27 1953. …show more content…

Japan had control of Korea as a whole and when they were defeated they were basically kicked out of Korea. The United States occupying the Southern half and the Soviet Union occupying the Northern half. Since the Soviet Union was communist it caused the Northern Koreans to believe in communism. Since the United States was democratic it caused the Southern Koreans to believe in democracy. Which developed into the Korean War. Korea had become split into the North and South when the United States held the first South Korean election on July 20, 1948 electing Syngman Rhee (Savada 33). The Soviet Union held the first North Korean election on August 28, 1948 electing Kim Il-sung (Par 13). The communist North Korea who was allied with the Soviet Union now known as Russia and China commenced an invasion of anti-communist South Korea who was allied by the Democratic United States was the cause of the Korean

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