What Are The Factors That Led To The Rise Of American Imperialism

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American Imperialism is the establishment of the political, social, and economical growth which was giving the dominance over other nations. The United states was eager to join and grow their empire wanting power, control, and dominance over the other countries making the United States the most powerful nation. However when the unemployment was getting high the goverment was getting worried of that the americans working would support Socialism or Marxism. This scared the government meaning no specific classes, or social power, there was no difference between people, it would be become a cycle of everyone is the same. While ther including the politics of the govermnt and imperialism, achieving economic stability throughout the United States, …show more content…

This was the biggest idea for American, they wanted the power, dominance, and the ability to be a strong nation. When having a strong economy you gain more territories, trade, and alliances between the countries, it was for the United States to grow the biggest economy while expanding the land all over. It was a way to boost the economy having the income coming in, but within the territories. The United States was growing there industrial power they wanted to make the countries know they were stong and powerful, while the economy was growing a raid speed it was giving the other countries ideas of how fast Americans were growing. When becoming more powerful, and taking more of the territories from the countries. It was showing the biggest advancement of the economy. When taking many of the territoires they ranged from all over including the “Annexation of Hawaii” while ganing control of the all the ports, the buildings, habors, military equipment, while taking the public proporties. This had grown the United States ganing access to Hawaii, it was opening may other colines for the …show more content…

With all the factors that had shaped into the imperialism while having many pros and cons of what was to come out of the imperialism, it had grown America for the greater good while advancing in so many ways both in good and bad. It was a way to show policy, practce, and advocy of each colines, while not depending on one another anymore it was shaping the path for the on going future. Still making America one of the greatest, fastest growing economies to this

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