What Are The Party And Their Actions In The Book 1984

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The Party and their Actions In the book 1984, the government, also known as the Party strictly governs over the population. The Party has several different methods of controlling the population, such as using the concept of war to manipulate citizens, controlling the proles and keeping them out of positions of power, and directly putting laws that restrict people from performing certain actions. This keeps them in power and gives them the power to govern more freely. War is a method being used by the party to maintain power and, they achieve this by keeping people in the mood of war. Certain methods they use are putting music on the necessary telescreens to remind people of war (pg. 9), and turning children into spies, which gives them a sense of loyalty to the party (pg. 60). The Party also changes allies in the middle of the book, from being at war with Eurasia and allied with Eastasia to being at war …show more content…

This idea is demonstrated when Winston walks among the proles and thinks about them. During this period, Winston meets with an old man in a bar and talks with him about Oceania before the Revolution, during this time, he learns more about the proles and their activity. For example, he notices that bombs are only shot at proles, not party members, but the proles seem to be aware of when the rockets are coming, even several seconds before they hit (pg. 87). This may mean that they may have the knowledge to figure out patterns and may be more intelligent that made out to be by the party. Winston also says that “the hope lies in the proles” due to the fact that the large numbers of the proles would be required to be capable of overthrowing the Party (pg. 72). The Party not only controls large groups of people, such as the proles, but they also control their own party members, both inner and outer, directly through strict rules and

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