What Are The Similarities Between Antigone And Martin Luther King Jr

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2 characters 3000 years apart yet both heroes with many similarities. Antigone from the story Antigone and Martin Luther King Jr. both share many characteristics of a hero pushing for rights and justice. Antigone fights against the king to bring justice to her war-fallen brother. Martin Luther King Jr. Fought for the civil rights movement; against the government and society. Antigone and Martin Luther King Jr. both shared many similarities in characteristics that were revered in their societies; a few of which being their strong will and their justice. These characters
Martin Luther King Jr. and Antigone both bring justice to those who were treated unfairly. Antigone was upset by the fact that only one of her brothers was given a funeral. She …show more content…

didn't let anyone or anything stop them from doing what was right: they are strong-willed. Antigone talks about her plan with her sister but she doesn't want to do it because of the law: “ISMENE. They mean a great deal to me; but I have no strength/To break laws that were made for the public good./ANTIGONE. That must be your excuse, I suppose. But as for me, I will bury the brother I love” (Sophocles, Prologue 62-65). Antigone knowing the risks still chooses to go through with her plan alone pushing for what she believes in. During her confrontation with the king after getting caught she shows strength in front of the king: “CREON. And you, Antigone,/ You with your head hanging—do you confess this thing?/ ANTIGONE. I do. I deny nothing” (Sophocles, 2.51-52). She is confident about her actions and shows no remorse knowing her actions were right. She shows her strong will by facing all her problems head-on and going through with her actions regardless of the consequences. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against the government and faced many subsequent consequences. Due to his civil disobedience, Martin Luther King Jr. was faced with charges and jail time. But this didn't stop him from pushing towards his goals: “King announces that the boycott will continue and that his conviction has not lessened his determination” (“King found guilty”). source: Martin Luther King Jr. Fought against injustice while knowing the consequences showing how

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