What Are The Similarities Between Frankenstein And The Albinos

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The article “Albinos Face The Constant Threat of Attack,” By John Burnett, and The poem “Frankenstein” by Edward Field are similar because they both are referring to discrimination in their writings. In “Frankenstein”, he is being persecuted because of how he looks on the outside ,but when you look at Frankenstein on the inside, he is just a real person. The plotline of John Burnett’s non-fiction literature is also the same as Edward Field’s “Frankenstein”. The albinos are being hunted and killed because of how the look on the outside and supposed “witch doctors” think they can make magic out of their limbs. These are paired together to show how humans are killing humans and that it is not right. Frankenstein and the Albinos are related in multiple ways. “He is pursued by the ignorant villagers, who think he is evil and dangerous because he is ugly and makes ugly noises”(Line 7 Stanza 2). This quote shows that the villagers are persecuting Frankenstein based on what he does and how he looks. As well as the witchdoctors were killing the albinos to make “magic” …show more content…

In John Burnett”s Article, “Tanzania’s Albino’s Face Constant Threat of Attack”, this quote shows that “Tanzania’s Albino’s Face Constant Threat of Attack”, is similar to Edward Field’s poem “Frankenstein”. "In society, there are people such as witch doctors who look for body parts; people will kill albinos to make magic," That quote shows that people are persecuting the Albinos for looking weird and thinking that they can make magic out of them by killing them. Just like how the villagers were killing Frankenstein because of how he

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