What Does Daisy Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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“ THE GREAT GATSBY” a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the
American Dream mainly within one of his main characters, “Jay Gatsby”. This “Dream” involves a woman named Daisy Buchanan that Gatsby had loved ever since he laid his eyes on her. Gatsby was a hard worker from the get goals he wanted to get a head start in life and making decisions other young men would wait to make. Although this Dream of his seems to be almost impossible to retain Gatsby has his mindset on making his dream a reality as he tries to repeat the past. His incentive, the “green light” is symbolized as Gatsby's Dream for throughout the story Gatsby tries to put together his life but can’t without Daisy. The “green light” is what will eventually have led to Gatsby's demise.
In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, “THE GREAT GATSBY” Jay Gatsby himself …show more content…

“Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course you can” as mentioned by Jay Gatsby (pg.110) meaning he still has hopes of regaining the love of his beloved Daisy once again as he did previously some five years before. Daisy happens to be very important to Gatsby as she is the missing puzzle piece to Gatsby's happiness. “We rely on images instead of reality to the point that “reality [has become] an endangered concept in American society” stated by Kimberly Hearne in her article, “Fitzgerald’s Rendering of a Dream” meaning that people have become blind to society and interpret it they way desire such as with lies instead of truth. These two thing relate for Gatsby believes that he can repeat the past and win Daisy over again but can get the true picture in his mind that Daisy is married, with child, and isn’t willing to change despite her love for Gatsby. Jay Gatsby only thinks back to when he met Daisy five years ago and how she fell in love with him then and she would easily fall in love with him again as he is in

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