What Does It Mean To Say That Euthanasia Should Not Be Law

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“Only a morally bankrupt society would not allow euthanasia.” Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient that suffers from an incurable and painful disease or an irreversible coma. Euthanasia can also be considered as mercy killing and assisted suicide. While it may be true that many patients that are in severe pain may request for euthanasia towards their suffering life, the real point to consider is doctors oath to be heroes not murders, patient’s mindset, religious beliefs, and grasping hope of life. Doctors in the medical field believe that euthanasia should not be law because it goes against everything they believe in. People who are becoming doctors must take a Hippocratic oath that it's their duty to save life not end it. According to Terminal Illness, “Physicians should not honor such a request [as euthanasia]. While doctors are obliged to respect the desires of patients and family, the choice of death over life cannot be viewed as just another choice of medicine is to maintain its moral structure.” (William 146). With that ethical dilemma, many doctors are being put in a compromising situation that causes them to either …show more content…

They are making the decisions while in unbearable pain which can alter their judgment. According to Terminal Illness, “People diagnosed with terminal illness are confronted with painful difficult choices. They must make decisions about potentially life, the right to die, and emotional issues affecting their family and loved ones” (Williams 80). When faced with a decision in life -- big or small -- we try to make the best choice. However, sometimes, despite our good intentions, we make bad choices. The server pain of making the decision can be what sets us up for failure. This hard-wired pain and stress of doing the wrong thing can lead to a great it affects that choices are turn to

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