What Does Life Mean To Me Essay

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What Life Means to Me If someone asks you a question: What life means to you? What would you say? Have you ever thought about some other similar questions? When I listened to this question firstly, all I reminded was the past instead of looking forward to the future. What have I done in the past two decades? Have I made several achievements? All these issues confusing me and driving me to an incorrect direction. As time passed away, I found the meaning of life in everyday experiences. Until now, I have realized that life calls for a mind-blowing reading, a colorful travel, an exciting concert, a history of persistence and most importantly love. Both teachers and parents told us to read numerous books at an early age. At that time, most of us could not understand what authors mean and just scan pages quickly. Even sometimes, we need some help from parents for illiteracy. But when we grew up into a teenager, we began to have a deep comprehension. Few years later, we will acquire different ideas as we read it again, a profound and thought-provoking understanding. To some extent, reading stimulates us to think critically, which is a significant and crucial capability for us students. While reading, we could get pleasure for a moment or feel sorrow with the protagonist. All these are what reading endows us. Apart from reading, listening to music…show more content…
Widening our horizons and experiencing varied cultures are what tourism brings us. While traveling, I could find the peace of my soul and get rid of trifles. Moreover, life is like a journey. Parents would accompany when we are young, but learn to live independently is the aim of life. Traveling alone means that we can rely on ourselves instead of others, which indicates maturity. Besides, traveling helps us to realize our weakness and to seek the real meaning of life. Friends are gains in the process of traveling, and this will be a wealth in our whole
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