What Is Chapter 22 Of The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

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In chapter 22 of The Color of Water, James Mcbride is wanting to see inside of the synagogue because of his family history. James is interested on his family history because he is writing a book about it. “My family has a history there, because there's a part of me, whether I, or those that run the synagogue, like it or not” (221). James does not know much about his history and is trying to get to know himself and understand himself more as well. He wanted to know the truth.
James then meets Aubrey Rubenstien who was very kind and treated him as if he was just like him, in some way that was indeed true. Aubrey was really surprised to see him. He got on the phone with a family member to let him know that he was there. it only showed how surprised

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