Gender Roles And Gender Identity: A Conceptual Analysis

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"A gender-equal society would be one where the word gender does not exist: where everyone can be themselves," said Gloria Steinem, a gender equality activist. The term gender itself is referred to by Lindsey (2015) as social, cultural, and psychological attributes of being females and males in particular social context. They are learned through social interactions. Moreover, it categorized people as feminine or masculine It can also determine someone's capability, behavior, and traits that signified their femininity and masculinity (Abrams, 2012).
As gender is socialized early, one's prior knowledge about gender will influence their choices in life as it is embedded in their schemata. This knowledge, values, and society's expectation and judgment, might restrict people to make important decisions throughout their development (Siegel & Welsh, 2011). The beliefs of gender roles and gender identity also affect people' choice in life, decision-making in the family, …show more content…

As the story is set during the post-war period, the female students have the belief that women' dream was to be a housewife and having a family would ensure their happiness (Hamdan, 2005). On the other hand, the teacher, Katherine Watson with different perspectives tried to encourage the students to have their own wish, dream, and voice as she tried to break the tradition (Gogberashvili, 2013). This story, through Katherine Watson's and the students' lives, relayed the values such as open-mindedness and courage to be true to themselves. The issues and values could inspire students of faculty of education to contribute to the society and raise their awareness of gender equality. Therefore, this study is aimed to analyze the portrayal of gender equality issues in the story Mona Lisa Smile and the values that could be learned by students of faculty of education, Sampoerna University,

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