Best Time To Visit To The Great Barrier Reef

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The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef:

The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is from June to October. This season offers some key advantages for travellers. Temperatures are good that will not be too cold on people or hot, which means clearer waters and better diving conditions. Everything in between this period of time is going to be cheaper and no expensive.
The best time to visit depending on the weather:

June-October: in this time 60◦F (15◦C or maybe less) that will be good temperature in water and outside water, there will be slightly raindrops and good weather everywhere that the weather there will be suitable for everyone to go there.

November-March: in this period of time is summer there, the temperature is 85◦F (29◦C or maybe less) the climate there is muggy climate (muggy climate is a climate that is has a high …show more content…

• The owners of the Great Barrier reef are trying their best in leaving it as beautiful as it normally is, and this is clear that the great barrier reef

• For how much the Queensland cares that the great barrier reef ministry are caring a lot about the GBR and they took world’s best practice in the development of cooperative management

Human and natural threats to the reef:

Natural impact

• Storms and earthquakes: the disasters that will happen after the storms or earthquakes that could happen.

• Water temperature rise and coral bleaching: it’s a problem in the climate change too; climate change and water can give us warm water and change local ecological conditions.

• Crown-of-Thorns: many of animal have been devastate in huge areas of the reef.

• Disease: they are suffering with the bacterial infections to save people

Human impacts:

• climate change: the climate was change by 1-3 ˚C and this lead to o Increase in the frequency o The sea level

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