What Is The Difference Between The 1920's Red Scare

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The difference between the Red Scare in the 1940’s and the 1920’s, you had the Red Scare of 1940’s all about the characteristic of the affluent society when the people were in constant fear. Fear of nuclear bombs, nuclear weapons, fear of spies and politicians who were taking advantage of that fear. There was that constant fear of infiltration and espionage from the communists that made everyone always on the edge. You had working class people moving up to middle class, becoming all about materialistic things. Going up economically began to change the people in the society. They were scared they were going to lose it all and specific politicians who were considered demigods. This Red Scare was much more bigger than the first one was originally. In the 1920’s, you had the Red Scare include the Bolshevik revolutions that were taking place all across the United States throughout the different lines of work. This caused the raids of people who were assumed to be a part of the radicals. You had the Espionage and Sedition Acts that were done through World War I. America began to restrict the immigration from the …show more content…

Yes, they may have not liked that you are supporting these acts, but you could not put someone in jail simply because of what they decided to practice. That is where the Smiths Act of 1940 came into place. This act was created to put anyone who was a potential threat to over through the government. What they meant with act was to throw anyone who identified themselves as a communists in jail. That caused an arrest of leaders of the Communist Party and imprisonment of 11 of them. Not that they harmed anyone, but they opposed with what the laws the government had. We do not normally face that issue due to freedom of speech, but back in 1940’s and 1950’s people did not have the same advantage of that freedom. This caused a widespread scare of the Communist Party and serious loss in

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