What Is The Evil In Lord Of The Flies

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It has been a long time since the world experienced what it would be like without someone to guide them in the correct direction. Both constant fear and complete savagery play a part in this plot-twisting story, showing the complications with unfit leadership. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding underlines the darkness that inhabits each of the characters’ minds by utilizing the pig’s head on a stick to show that man simply cannot prosper without a proper leader. When Ralph and Jack silently compete for the title of “chief,” authority is apparent in Jack’s features. His “uniform superiority” shows through his “crumpled and freckled” appearance, making him the obvious leader (Golding 21). Despite his display making it seem as though he might be the fittest for a leadership position, he proves this hypothesis wrong by inflicting fear into the minds of …show more content…

This is when he first encounters the pig on a stick, which he names The Lord of the Flies. His fear allows him to hallucinate the sow talking to him and telling him that the savages were going to eventually kill him and letting him know that his evil was inside him and not physically terrorizing the boys on the island. The evil that the sow’s head spoke of was in the air as Simon crawled out of the forest after a fainting spell. Jack immediately took the initiative of telling his tribe to “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood,” (Golding 152). The “steady pulse” of the circle they created gathered around Simon, and they all took turns “[striking], bit[ing], and [tearing]” at him, not even realizing that the “beast” they thought they were killing was one of their own, and the literal beast they were looking for was living inside them, driving them to do horrible things (Golding 153). Jack leads this murder. He influences the boys to hurt their friend, all because he is too wrapped up in hunting the nonexistent

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