What Is The Mood Of The Tell Tale Heart

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Fairytale Twist: A Review of Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart”
Gothic literature is an interesting genre to read. It’s fascinating how authors can really put their mind into it and write something so amazing. Poe’s stories remind me of the movie prom night. A movie whose atmosphere really pulls me in, just like Poe’s stories. Prom night and The Tell-Tale Heart both share common scary factors, one of which is death. An element that really captivates my attention. One poet in particular whose work I personally find very intriguing is that of Edgar Allan Poe. More specifically his famous story; The Tell-Tale heart. In my view, I imagine the story taking place in a spooky mansion. Being that most gothic literature are set in dark, horror-esque places …show more content…

The moods vary from mysterious, to insanity, and horror. The story has that element of mystery because before he kills the old man, I had asked myself: Is he seriously going to do it? And why would he do that to someone he claims “he loves and never wronged him” (Poe 1). I find this to be suspenseful and mysterious because it keeps me over the edge and it makes me want to read more to find out what the narrator will do next. In the beginning of the story, the narrator tries to prove his sanity to the readers. However, that is proven to be false, because of his hatred to the old man’s eye. “He had the eye of a vulture… I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever” (Poe 1). This demonstrates how the narrator is becoming insane and horrifying; he wants to get rid of someone’s eye. At one point in life Poe was insane and lonely. The narrator is emotionless throughout the story, as he plans for a long time, the perfect moment to take the man’s life. He felt pride in taking the old man’s life. But after the police arrives to investigate the house; he starts to hear “beatings of his hideous heart” (Poe 5). As the dreadful sound of the deceased man’s beating heart grew louder and louder, he starts feeling the guilt. Guilt is the motif in the …show more content…

With the purpose being to get us anxious about what is going to happen next and also makes the readers ask themselves questions. On the last page, the third paragraph: there is many repeated words to provoke the reader’s attention. “Then it grew louder—louder... Louder! Louder!” (Poe 5). This really makes the story alive and makes the readers anxious about the narrator’s next move. Also repetition is used in the previous quote to demonstrate the climax of the story. When I was reading this part of the story I kept asking myself: Is he going to confess? Is the old man actually dead? Or did he just lie about the whole

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