What Is The Most Difficult To Read A Tale Of Two Cities

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Literature, from its history, is made to entertain. Reading, surely, is a leisurely activity. However, as society evolves away from its roots, we begin to forget the pure immersion and entertainment that reading can bestow and venture to more easily accessible forms of amusement: newspaper cartoons, mind-numbing video games, and movie gags. There is something to be said, though, for reading; it expands the mind in ways that passively switching on the television cannot achieve. If a book challenges its reader to learn new words, phrases, or understand concepts that he or she did not understand before, then that reader knows the beauty of difficult literature as an art form and an entertainment form. At the time that Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities …show more content…

Even as Tale of Two Cities was the most difficult-to-read book I have ever conquered, it was worth it for the gratification and the knowledge with which it left me. When pinpointing the exact reasons why Tale of Two Cities was such a hard read, it is tempting to blame it on archaic diction. While the way that most of the words were articulated was difficult to understand, I do not think that was the only factor that went towards it being so difficult. Another major reason why is because it is arranged in a wholly dissimilar way than modern literature. Books published in 2017, especially young-adult fiction (which is what most of the masses, including myself, read most often), are intent on hooking the reader. First impressions - the cover of

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