What Is The Role Of Technology In Brave New World

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Dylan Sutherland
Mrs. Bruni
October 19th 2015
Brave New World The society of Brave New World is a very advanced society in the means of technology. In Brave New World there is little to no examples of technology leading to good outcomes in the society and almost all of the time it leads to things going wrong and many consequences. Like our society at this time, they use technology for a lot of their daily tasks. With technology comes a lot of positives and advancements in our society but at the same time technology has negatives and is not necessarily for the better. In Brave New World Huxley makes the reader think that the State is talking about the progress of science when it is really just the bettering of technology allowing for more exploration in terms of science. …show more content…

Technology allows for many uses such as to connect to the world and #ComeTogether, allows for factories to build stuff that humans may not be able to build, allowing doctors to treat patients more in depth and safer. Lives have been made much more efficient, and has allowed us to save on time and money while also being productive. The novel Brave New World has no example of technology being used for the goodness of the people or the society. Technology in their society is being used for the State only in use to control the World

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