Technology Revealed In Wade Watts's Ready Player

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In today's world if we ask young children and teenagers what is the one thing they can not survive without, they will most likely to answer they can not survive without their Phones. The younger generation spends more time using their Phones instead of going out and explore, the nature is so beautiful outside and children's need to get out and play with friends, cousins, neighbors etc. The novel Ready player one came out in 2011 and it describes how the world will look like in 2045. In the novel the technology has ruin everyone, the main character in the novel Wade Watts feels alive when he start playing the game called Easter Egg in the OASIS. Everyone in the novel is very lazy to get out of their houses and when the characters do come out of their houses they feel very different they seem to dislike the outside temperature because they get outside very rarely. In the novel it shows technology has grown a lot and has changed people …show more content…

Parents this Camp is very useful for children to explore the outside world, Parents take action and enroll your children in the Technology Free Summer Camp. When I was a kid I use to play a lot outside with my cousins and my friends. I believe most of the kids like me should get cell phone when they are in High School but unfortunately the study finds the average age of kids when they get cellphone is six and that is not admirable also 6 out of 10 U.S parents of children ages 8 to 12 have provided their children cell phone and that is not admirable as well. I want children and Parents to get benefit from this camp and together we can make the future we wish to live in. Please help us start this Camp by donating money and by enrolling your children in the Technology Free Summer

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